The Buy 2 Let Shop

The Buy 2 Let Shop

The Buy 2 Let Shop is a property investment and asset management company. They specialise in Investment Grade property, they have a wide network of buyers and sellers. We were introduced to The Buy 2 Let Shop via a mutual client to whom we have provided systems to before. A few calls were exchanged and a meeting was swiftly arranged.

The first meeting - time to prove the concept!

We went to the first meeting with a view to creating a bespoke CRM system, getting an idea of their high level requirements and then delivering the system at a later date. We were presented with their vision which was very impressive and best of all achievable. However, before this system, it was time to prove the concept to ensure that a bespoke system was right for them.

Tight Deadlines

Deadlines were tight; we had to get all hands on deck for this development. The prototype was built and delivered and the concept proven. It was time to move onto the next larger phase.

The power of a system realised

Having completed the prototype, it became clear to the team at TB2LS of the potential of a system and the speed to which a solution, which mirrors their business process but enhances efficiency, can be produced. Therefore the next phase was to develop a system to manage their product sign ups.

The wonder of a good framework

As TB2LS were a new business, many processes were being developed as we went. This meant that one day we could have a process and a set and field and another day this could have changed. We were effectively prototyping as we went. Thankfully, with the technology we used and the style of development, changes were not exceptionally difficult to carry out and deploy.

Welcome 'The System'

With their main matching and signup processes established the next step was to digitalise all of the paperwork. The initial scope was to ensure all data capture can be done on a system. At this point, a system name had not been established (it was not high on the list of priorities) and in the end, the team at TB2LS decided to aptly call the system 'The System' as this is what is referred to in the office.

Next Steps

The System has now been deployed and the next task is to incorporate the other working prototype 'systems' into The System to create one complete and integrated system. We very much enjoy working with TB2LS and believe we will be of great assistance to them with their technology requirements.

Thank you to all at The Buy 2 Let Shop

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