What we do

What we do


No matter whether we are providing a new website, analysing your existing site to identify potential improvements or developing bespoke software to support your business - we never skimp on the ingredients of our simple, yet comprehensive recipe for success. Too many projects fail because they are weak at one essential stage or another. So we put emphasis on 'how we do things' as a company. And we want to work with people who appreciate the way we work.

Our recipe ensures that each main phase of our projects - from analysis and development of strategy, through design, development and delivery is done in a focused manner - yet without losing the context or the momentum. This is what makes our company what it is, and why you, as our client, will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it from the word go.


We love analysis and strategic development - it's a land of opportunity. It's where we work with you to define what opportunities there are for betterment and formulate a strategy to achieve measurable improvements.

Our clients come to the table with differing degrees of inspiration and experience and we always respect and respond to your ideas and keep you involved making sure you both understand and are happy with our analysis and strategy before we proceed to the design. The focus and emphasis is always on defining specific improvements and planning the best approach to achieve them.


We don't just carry out analysis for the sake of it - we carry the conclusions through to the design stage, in a focused, demonstrable way. If a specific brief replaces our own research and analysis we ensure that it is carried through to our design in a targeted way. So if you ask a question about a particular element of our design you will get an answer that draws on our brief and what we know about the way you work and the environment you work in. A reason that is directed toward a measurable improvement in results.


Development is where we translate the design into a fully functioning end product. However we plan for and encourage frequent usage testing and evaluation and are happy to respond to changing client requirements or a developing brief. Ideas will often be suggested by an end user review of working sections of the product and therefore it is essential to test frequently and be prepared to adjust the design.

To ensure that the product performs robustly and efficiently, strict internal and external testing and evaluation procedures are also key.

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