step 1
Understanding your business Getting to know you.

Getting a clear understanding of your business practices is the most important step of the development process. This is, and should be, the most involved stage in the life cycle, in which we spend most of our time with you. This enables us to get a rich picture of both the high level processes, but more importantly the small and often overlooked aspects of your business. Too often this stage is neglected in the eagerness to get at a solution and/or a design. When neglected, this frequently leads to slower delivery and worst of all an ineffective and compromised final solution.

step 2
Architecture and software strategy So how does this all go together?

Having taken the time to understand your business we then shape our analysis into possibilities. Here we look at the various technologies that we can integrate for the betterment of the complete solution. This is the first time that the possibilities that can be delivered are presented and this is where the flow of ideas begins. This stage has no limits, however, it's also serious stuff as this stage builds the firm foundations for an integrated and personalised solution.

step 3
Design Ooooh shiny.

Design is where we shape our analysis and strategy into a solution. It's exciting and rewarding seeing things emerge into new life, personalised for you and your business. This is a key stage where all the previous hard work is actualised and each aspect of our design is geared toward one or more measurable improvements. Whilst the user interface design is more rewarding, equally important are both the database design and the process design as these form the basis of an good user interface (UI) thereby, amplifying the solutions benefit. We work closely with you during this phase as it is your system we are building.

step 4
Development Now for the tough stuff.

This phase is where we unleash our very clever and very talented geeks and lock them away so they cannot see the light of day. Not really, but this is where we get our gurus to actualise the design and make your dreams a reality. Despite building firm foundations with an in depth strategy and design we still adopt an agile development approach and philosophy, as we understand that business processes can change during a build. Throughout the build we keep you apprised of the development and provide you with updates of key milestones during the development.

step 5
User acceptance testing Just don't press the red button.

We place emphasis on high testing standards and we believe in having someone review and test each block of code - and that someone shouldn't be the coder who wrote them. In fact, the coder will often write code to pass stringent tests previously written by someone else to define the functionality required. With these tests completed, we deliver the version to our staging server giving you access to the solution ready for your critique. It is very important that you take an active role in this step as it ensures that the solution is how you expect it to work.

step 6
Training Let's pump some iron.

Next up are the document writers. They collate all the processes, workflows and map them into a training manual, which will compliment the training session(s) we provide. We will provide your team with a comprehensive training session and can provide your ‘super users’ with more in depth one-to-one training. After each session you will be provided with course notes for ease of reference and as a refresher.

step 7
Go live! Yay, We did it!

The most exciting time in the project, with training complete we set a Go Live! date. Here we work around you for the best date to set the system live. On this date we ensure that we have the necessary personnel available for you to assist you with this transition and to ensure that is goes as smoothly as possible. Here you reap the fruits of your labour.

step 8
Maintenance and support Don't worry we're not going anywhere.

We pride ourselves on our client support services. Our support team have been heralded as always being available, ready to offer assistance and more importantly giving the correct assistance and advice. On top of email support, and unlike most technology companies, we provide phone and online support so that we are literally only a call away for assistance. Actions speak louder than words, so why not give us a call now and see how available we are.