Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

With access to the internet from a mobile device having taken over desktop access, mobile applications are more important than ever. With this in mind, we take the view that, for bespoke solutions that require it, the mobile application should be deigned first. This will prevent the mobile application feeling like an 'after thought' but part of the solution.

Style and Functionality Combine.

Mobile Applications need to look good, but just as importantly need to function well and give the user a seamless experience. With conversations rates on mobile devices much lower than desktop devices a well designed and planned mobile solution is imperative. Last year there was a growth of 52% in time spent using a mobile app and a 17% increase viewing websites on mobile phone, again strengthening the case for a good mobile presence.

With this in mind we have experienced designers that can build a seamless user experience that is both designed around the mobile application whilst also easily fitting in with the rest of the bespoke solution. These apps are designed to leverage your backend services by bringing the data to you when you need it. Using Internet Services we enable our Clients to connect to their data which is more commonly accessed on a desktop or laptop computer, using an enterprise app.

With our tried and tested Development Process, why not get in touch and see if a Mobile Application is suitable for your needs.

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