Property Canvassing Software

Abode Discover

Abode Discover helps estate agents generate new leads and new instructions. With a tailored approach, an agency can engage a homeowner with marketing content that’s relevant to their stage in the sales process. Abode Discover will prompt, inform and engage agents with information and marketing content that will help increase property stock.

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Property Front Office


Designed to bring simplicity to the estate agency, Abode CRM handles sales and lettings marketing, customer relationship building and staff administration. Abode CRM streamlines processes, automates tasks, enhances staff productivity and on the whole, promotes a more effective agency environment.

Property Back Office - coming soon

Abode Management & Accounts

Abode M&A has been engineered to allow the management of property portfolios with ease. Everything from scheduling jobs, creating contracts, arrears management, reconciliation of accounts, invoicing and statements. Abode M&A encourages business growth.

Property Inventory Software - coming soon

Abode Inventory

The new and improved inventory tool allows the user to create inventory reports quickly and effectively on any device. Abode Inventory has been integrated with Google's Assistance - allowing for a more superior understanding of natural language. Along with voice recognition, Abode Inventory caters for a range of alternative data entry options, complementing the users work style. Designed for efficiency, Abode Inventory will decrease the time taken to compile a report.

Property Inventory Software


iAssist generates inventory reports quickly on site, offering a powerful range of data entry tools that suits the users work style. Designed to function on the tablet PC, iAssist gives its user a powerful ability client’s personalised template thereby maintaining the company's work style.

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Property Business Suite


The Property Business Suite (PBS) is a fully integrated Sales, Lettings, Accounts and Management Solution, which we designed to suit enterprises of different sizes within the residential property market. With a rich set of features and facilities, PBS is great value for money.

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Accounts Portal

Winkworth Accounts

The Winkworth accounts portal is a bespoke accounting product that provides the Winkworth offices with access to their accounting information. Through a Sage integration and an ‘at a glance' view, the accounts portal gives the owner key and important insights into their business.

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B2L Property Business Suite

The System

The Buy to Let shop required a bespoke CRM system to provide their unique service to their clients. It automates their sales processes, from importing leads to integrating with automated calling solutions. These integrations provide their staff with a simple and streamlined process allowing them to focus less time on admin and more time selling.

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Vanet Cloud Management System


Online Management System (OMS) is a bespoke cloud solution designed to allow Vanet landlords to manage and grow their portfolio. With this tool, Vanet has been able to increase their reach overseas and provide updates to their clients almost immediately.

Cloud Booking System

Walsingham Booking System

Walsingham’s pilgrimage site encounters a high demand and pressure on a daily basis. This often leads to customer crowding and long waiting times, increasing pressure on staff and resources. Walsingham’s booking solution, with its online booking and management system, helps to accommodate both national and international groups by enabling allowing the Walsingham team to maximise the use of space and improve their staff efficiency and operations.

Official Website


As Walsingham entered into a new technological era, one of the challenges included a new point of presence website. The strategy was to develop digital tools to positively change the experience an ordinary pilgrim has when engaging the Wasingham Shrine brand. Some key functionality of this project includes live streaming, eCommerce, content management, ease of use and simplicity in navigation.

Media Website


EWTN is a Catholic media network. Its goal is to assist in strengthening and developing the faith of its audience. Bringing content that is relevant to our times, easy to access and that is authentically Catholic to its user was one of our many challenges. EWTN online presence is easily accessible via smartphones, tablets and PCs and provides Live TV, Video on Demand, News, Radio and much more.

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