Property Inventory Software

iAssist was authored by IT Proz Ltd in 2012 and has grown to become the most popular comprehensive property inventory software products in the UK. In keeping with our business philosophy iAssist has been designed to allow Inventory Companies to streamlining their entire inventory process. The product manages many input types, providing client management, diary management, business management, and most important of all it has been designed to be customised by the user.

Producing reports faster

iAssist generates inventory reports quickly on site on site, offering a powerful range of data entry tools that suites the clients work style. Further Report formatting in accordance with the client's personalised template thereby maintaining the company's work style.

Facilitating business growth

iAssist was designed to provide the infrastructure to facilitate growth from a single inventory clerk to 30 or more clerks. iAsist facilitates all business tools, including inventory sign off, calendar scheduling, generating quotes and invoicing.

Cloud sharing

iAssist Cloud has been designed to allow client employees to access their data from any internet enabled computer. This allows synchronising and distributing reports and other essential data from a central resource.

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